Yikes….it’s July already….and Summer is here. Where has the year gone already?? *sighs* Well, it is good to be able to see the long days and the sunshine again though.

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Second Life 365 Day 1


I joined a group in Second Life called Second Life 365 days. You are supposed to take a picture every day for a year of your avi. I suppose it is meant to bring out some of your creative juices as you try to think of different ways to present your avatar in a way that will not be boring, not only to you, but to others as well. This is my first submission (the color one). Seems like a bit of fun really. 🙂

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Photostudio Deluxe by Kattastrophe


Since I have been enjoying so much photographing all the wonderful places within Second Life, I decided to get a photo studio and see if the pictures I take of the clothes, skins, hair, etc. will look even better! I know I don’t do the creators justice…I looked around a bit, but didn’t want to spend a ton of lindens. I decided to get the photostudio shown above at Kattastrophe. It cost me $400L, which is definately reasonable, and is 24 prims. It has over 70 different background textures, and you can even add your own textures…as long as they are copy/mod. The background changes colors, and you can rezz a few items (couch, chair, curtain, table). There is also a simple poseball included. It’s simple to understand and use….yay!!  I still have to try out all the different options…so I tried to see if I could photograph a close-up and make it look better. Here’s what I did… Continue reading