Getting My Feet Wet

Well, it seems Trisha has spent very little time in SL for a very long time. Too busy elsewhere!  Anyway…thought I would post a few of the most recent pictures I have taken over the past few days.

First a couple from Chakryn Forest…a totally awesome SIM.

Who doesn’t know about the Lady of Chakryn Forest?? She sleeps…perhaps waiting for her prince to come and awaken her with a kiss so that she may live happily ever after?? A beauty indeed!!

While there, as I watched the beauty sleep, I spied a possible prince for her. I asked him if he saw the beauty…but he implied that he is more a prince of chaos. I thought his avi looked really great though. So…looks as if our Lady will sleep a bit longer this time.

While waiting for my lucky letter to come up for a coat, I spied this interesting looking avi. I’ve been in his store before…and also in his partner’s store. His skin…the eyes…the glasses…just the total look came together to make a great looking avi in my book!

And…one more…although I admit this one I took a while back. Still one I wanted to post. I think it’s really great when someone puts so much thought into how their avi looks…especially if they are a guy.


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