Child Avatar

The other day while shopping around, I was looking at children’s av skins…just looking mind you. I was getting a few demos to try on…and I accidentally paid $600L for the above skin! It’s really cute…mind you…but I absolutely adore the adult skins at this store…and for $700L you can buy an adult skin, or 4 skins for $2000L.

Anyway, luckily I had a child’s shape that looked halfway decent in my inventory that I had picked up from somewhere. So thought I would make the best of it…even though there seems to be a lot of people that really dislike child av’s. *shrugs*

Her shirt says, “Think I’m cute you should see my Mom”!! Cute huh??

So in the future I may be running around sl as a carefree little girl again…lol!!  🙂


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