Second Life 365 Day 1


I joined a group in Second Life called Second Life 365 days. You are supposed to take a picture every day for a year of your avi. I suppose it is meant to bring out some of your creative juices as you try to think of different ways to present your avatar in a way that will not be boring, not only to you, but to others as well. This is my first submission (the color one). Seems like a bit of fun really. :-)

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Photostudio Deluxe by Kattastrophe


Since I have been enjoying so much photographing all the wonderful places within Second Life, I decided to get a photo studio and see if the pictures I take of the clothes, skins, hair, etc. will look even better! I know I don’t do the creators justice…I looked around a bit, but didn’t want to spend a ton of lindens. I decided to get the photostudio shown above at Kattastrophe. It cost me $400L, which is definately reasonable, and is 24 prims. It has over 70 different background textures, and you can even add your own textures…as long as they are copy/mod. The background changes colors, and you can rezz a few items (couch, chair, curtain, table). There is also a simple poseball included. It’s simple to understand and use….yay!!¬† I still have to try out all the different options…so I tried to see if I could photograph a close-up and make it look better. Here’s what I did… Continue reading

Paint Shop Pro Edits 1

I’ve been trying to learn how to work with layering and textures using my Paint Shop Pro program. It’s an older one…version XI…but I’m really just getting around to learning how to do this. I still have a lot to learn, but thought I would share a couple of the pictures I’ve come up with.


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